a love story

Anges pensifs

Since 1933, gingerbread has been a family expertise that Mireille Oster has cherished, respected and enriched. From her travels around the world, this Ambassador from Alsace has brought back new tastes, flavours and new ingredients that she has included in her recipes. Ginger, lemon, dates, goji berries, she has revolutionised gingerbread without losing any aspect of tradition to create Love Gingerbread, Sunshine Gingerbread, Angels and Delights.

These sweet treats take you to China, Italy, Egypt or to the enticing sweetness of a woodland scene, they are the very essence of an art of living that is fully focused on the magic of aromas and the generosity of flavours.

To arrive at this result, all that is required are four ingredients which, when combined, bring out an abundance of flavours, a deluge of aromas, a cloud of sweetness. When we stop to think about it, in reality, there is one missing, undoubtedly even the most essential one. Flour, honey, spices, butter and… and love. That’s the binder, that’s the secret ingredient, it’s what gives body to the mixture of the other four, the one that makes a small square of gingerbread be transformed into a promise of escape nesting against a backdrop of paradise.

A genuine love story, Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik forms part of the family tradition at Mireille Oster.

Stand de Mireille Oster au marchée de noël

2019 Christmas Market