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The song of spices in the heart of Strasbourg

One is located in the heart of Petite France and the new store is a stone’s throw from our majestic Cathedral. For decades, Mireille Oster’s gingerbread, created by hand, has been the delight of lovers of good taste. With generous flavors, our gingerbread accompanies the delights of a snack or the refinement of a holiday meal. The abundance of our creations will delight your taste buds and transport you to a delicious journey perfumed with aromas of spices, citrus fruits, honey, melted butter…and love.

31 rue du Vieux-Marché-Aux-Poissons


open Monday to Saturday

From 10 am to 7pm Monday to Saturday

14 rue des Dentelles


open Tuesday to Sunday

From 10 am to 7pm Monday to Saturday
From 10 am to 5pm on Sunday

At Mireille Oster,
gingerbread is an inspired art